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Vol 5 (2003): The E-Issue BOOK 2.0 Details   HTML
Ted Striphas
Reviews Boredom: A Lively History (2011) by Peter Toohey Details   PDF
Julian Jayson Haladyn
Reviews Broadcasting Buildings: Architecture on the Wireless, 1927-1945 (2014) by Shundana Yusaf Details   PDF
Olga Touloumi
Reviews Buying into the Regime: Grapes and Consumption in Cold War Chile and the United States (2014) by Heidi Tinsman Details   PDF
Gabriela Méndez Cota
Vol 5 (2003): The E-Issue Can Art History Go On Without A Body? Details   HTML
Charlie Gere
InterZone Can Desire Go On Without A Body? Pornographic Exchange and the Death of the Sun
Details   HTML
Dougal Phillips
Reviews Capitalist Sorcery: Breaking the Spell (2011) by Philippe Pignarre & Isabelle Stengers Details   PDF
Jay Murphy
Vol 3 (2001): Virologies: Culture and Contamination carrier becoming symborg Details   HTML
Melinda Rackham
Reviews Caught in the Crossfire: Kids, Politics, and America's Future (2005) by Lawrence Grossberg Details   HTML
Matt Hills
Reviews Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking (2012) by Gabriela Coleman Details   PDF
Sebastian Kubitschko
Reviews Coming Out Jewish: Constructing Ambivalent Identities (2000) by Jon Stratton Details   HTML
Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg
Vol 8 (2006): Community Community and the Work of Death: Thanato-Ontology in Hannah Arendt and Jean-Luc Nancy Details   HTML
Dorota Glowacka
Vol 8 (2006): Community Community Arts and Practices: Improvising Being-Together Details   HTML
Petra Kuppers
Vol 8 (2006): Community Community: Commme-un? Details   HTML
Dorota Glowacka
Reviews Conspiracy Panics: Political Rationality and Popular Culture (2008) by Jack Z. Bratich Details   PDF
Shayne Pepper
Reviews Contingency, Hegemony, Universality: Contemporary Dialogues on the Left (2000) by Judith Butler, Ernesto Laclau, Slavoj Žižek Details   HTML
Paul Bowman
Vol 10 (2009): Pirate Philosophy Crashing the Spectacle: A Forgotten History of Digital Sampling, Infringement, Copyright Liberation and the End of Recorded Music Details   PDF
Kembrew McLeod
InterZone Creative Evolution? The Quest for Life (On Mars)
MARCH 2006
Details   HTML
Sarah Kember
Vol 11 (2010): Creative Media Creative Media between Invention and Critique, or What's Still at Stake in Performativity? Details   PDF
Sarah Kember, Joanna Zylinska
Vol 15 (2014): Viva Culture Machine!: Latin American Mediations Creativity in Practice Details   HTML
Stefania Haritou
Reviews Criminals As Animals from Shakespeare to Lombroso (2013) by Greta Olson Details   PDF
Stefan Herbrechter
Vol 14 (2013): Platform Politics Critically Engineered Wireless Politics Details   PDF
Jussi Parikka
Reviews Critiques of Everyday Life (2000) by Michael E. Gardiner Details   HTML
Liam McNamara
Reviews Cruel Optimism (2011) by Lauren Berlant Details   PDF
Alex Lockwood
Vol 2 (2000): The University Culture Machine Cultural Politics and the Crisis of the University Details   HTML
Henry A. Giroux
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