Vol 8 (2006)


Edited by Dorota Glowacka

Table of Contents


Community: Commme-un? HTML
Dorota Glowacka
Textual Communities: Nancy, Blanchot, Derrida HTML
Kuisma Korhonen
The Sense of Being(-)With Jean-Luc Nancy HTML
Ignaas Devisch
Putting Community Under Erasure: Derrida and Nancy on the Plurality of Singularities HTML
Marie-Eve Morin
Community and the Work of Death: Thanato-Ontology in Hannah Arendt and Jean-Luc Nancy HTML
Dorota Glowacka
Cutting Democracy's Knot HTML
Angela Mitropoulos, Brett Neilson
Bartleby the Scrivener, Immanence and the Resistance of Community HTML
Timothy J. Deines, Steve Goodman
Global Community, Global Citizenship? HTML
Paulina Tambakaki
En Cada Barrio: Timocracy, Panopticism and the Landscape of a Normalized Community HTML
Daniel H. Ortega
The Surreality of Community: Frédéric Brenner's Diaspora: Homelands in Exile HTML
John Paul Ricco
Gins, Arakawa and the Undying Community HTML
Jake Kennedy
Community Arts and Practices: Improvising Being-Together HTML
Petra Kuppers
Transnational Adoptees: Global Biopolitical Orphans or an Activist Community? HTML
Natalie Cherot