Vol 15 (2014)

Viva Culture Machine!: Latin American Mediations

edited by Gabriela Méndez Cota

Table of Contents


Viva Culture Machine! HTML
The Culture Machine Editorial Collective
Fifteen Years: a Textual Celebration HTML
Gabriela Méndez Cota
Towards the Post-University: Experimenting with Psychoanalysis and Institutions HTML
An Interview with Benjamín Mayer Foulkes by Gabriela Méndez Cota
Creativity in Practice HTML
Stefania Haritou
Re: Recordings HTML
Emilia Ismael Simental
The Hyper-affective Turn: Thinking the Social in the Digital Age HTML
An Interview with Nestor García Canclini and Maritza Urteaga by Emilia Ismael Simental
Arsgames: A Political Take On Videogames and Social Networking Platforms HTML
Euridice Cabañes, María Rubio
The Electronic Literature of Benjamín Moreno: Affect and Sense Outside the Conventions of the Literary HTML
An Interview with Benjamín Moreno by Juan Pablo Anaya
Writing Errancy: Outcasts, Capitalism and Mobility HTML
Alberto López Cuenca
Traveling through Remembrance as Praxis with Disability Baggage HTML
Beatriz Miranda
The No-Work Paradox HTML
An Interview with Vivian Abenshushan by Gabriela Méndez Cota
The Flood Is Elsewhere HTML
Etelvina Bernal Méndez
Economics (and) the Politics of Attention HTML
Néstor Braunstein
Universal Bio-cosmopolitics, Or the Perspectivism of Canine Life HTML
Francisco Vergara Silva
Digital Humanities: Whose Changes Do You Want to Save? HTML
Gabriela Méndez Cota