Vol 12 (2011)

The Digital Humanities: Beyond Computing

edited by Federica Frabetti

Table of Contents


Rethinking the Digital Humanities in the Context of Originary Technicity PDF
Federica Frabetti
Believing in the (Analogico-)Digital PDF
Jake Buckley
Humanities Approaches to Interface Theory PDF
Johanna Drucker
Technics and Violence in Electronic Literature PDF
Davin Heckman
E-Lit Works as 'Forms of Culture': Envisioning Digital Literary Subjectivity PDF
Mauro Carassai
The Digital Future of Authorship: Rethinking Originality PDF
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Meaning, Semiotechnologies and Participatory Media PDF
Ganaele Langlois
On the Embodied Aesthetics of Code PDF
Scott Dexter, Melissa Dolese, Angelika Seidel, Aaron Kozbelt
Glitch/Glitsh: (More Power) Lucky Break and the Position of Modern Technology PDF
Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
The Computational Turn: Thinking About the Digital Humanities PDF
David M. Berry
The Digital Humanities Beyond Computing: A Postscript PDF
Gary Hall