Vol 6 (2004)

Deconstruction is/in Cultural Studies

Edited by Gary Hall, Dave Boothroyd and Joanna Zylinska

Table of Contents


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Gary Hall, Dave Boothroyd, Joanna Zylinska
The University in the World it is Attempting to Think HTML
Peggy Kamuf
Plus d'un: Deconstruction and the Translation of Cultural Studies HTML
Stefan Herbrechter
Why You Can't Do Cultural Studies and Be A Derridean: Cultural Studies After Birmingham, the New Social Movements and the New Left HTML
Gary Hall
The Task of the Transgressor HTML
Paul Bowman
Guns n' Rappers: Moral Panics and the Ethics of Cultural Studies HTML
Joanna Zylinska
Signifying Nothing: 'Culture,' 'Discourse' and the Sociality of Affect HTML
Jeremy Gilbert
Realtime Synthesis and the Différance of the Body: Technocultural Studies in the Wake of Deconstruction HTML
Mark Hansen
The Idea of the Future (of Deconstruction) HTML
Paul Grimstad
Universalism's Irrational Outburst HTML
Brian Carr
Just Because You're Paranoid, Doesn't Mean They're Not Out to Get You HTML
Clare Birchall
Deconstruction and Everyday Life, Or How Deconstruction Helped Me Quit Smoking HTML
Dave Boothroyd